Fingering for D, A, E Major broken chords

RH 1235 1245 1245 1235
LH 5321 5421 5321 5321

This is the fingering for all the major triads which have a white-black-white pattern. Note that the right hand has the 4th finger on the black note in the second to last cell (second inversion) because the interval between the two last notes in that cell is now a black-white minor third, and therefore significantly smaller than the black-white major third which occurs in the minor triads which have a white-black-white pattern.

The left hand has, for the first time, the 3rd finger on the third of the chord in root position, because the white-black major third is significantly larger than either the white-black third in the minor triads from Stage 3 or the white key thirds from the earlier Stages.

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