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Piano teaching in London in 1973

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"I studied (at one of the Colleges of Music) in London around 1973 and your comments ("Stress in Piano Playing") on the practise of certain exercises and the injury that can be incurred without a clear understanding of anatomy reminded me of the way my teacher made all her students practise Hanon very slowly with the wrist right down pressed against the front of the piano lifting each finger in turn as high as possible holding for a few seconds and then descend with a sharp blow!!! It would take around twenty minutes to play one exercise with each hand separately - needless to say we concentrated on one per week. Still, at the time I did as I was told with great dedication not understanding the long term possible consequences."

— John

John goes on to say:

"It makes me quite sad to think about her as she was a remarkable pianist in her time and apart from her misguided approach to the Hanon a truly dedicated teacher who gave you her total attention during the lesson and ironically encouraged freedom from the wrists and shoulders and also advocated an extended finger position."

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