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Scale and arpeggio boxes

Download these PDF files and cut out the boxes to randomise your scale practice

Cello Teaching and Study Material

Ruth Beauchamp’s Summer Practice Sheets Cut out boxes for randomising cello scale practice Boxes for the other Grades will follow eventually

Aural training

Below is a download of two charts, in PDF format, to help with the AB Grade 8 Aural chord recognition tests. The charts show the chords possible over the bass notes on each degree of the scale. The pupil should learn to hear (and mentally sing - in sol-fa if possible) the bass notes of the progression played in the test



This where we can, hopefully, share fingering solutions to notorious — or just plain difficult — passages. Please send your fingerings to this address
These will be either PDF or TIFF files. If you use Firefox, open the Applications pane in Preferences and select the application you normally use to open tiff files (e.g. it could be Preview, if you use a Mac)


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